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Office Fitout Services in Melbourne & Sydney

Our services are available right across the commercial sector with a focus on offices, medical, retail, hospitality and showrooms. No matter what shape, size or nature of your space, our specialist designers, consultants, project managers and builders have a myriad of ideas and the ability to execute them right on point to your needs. Inquire about our Kontract Finance support so that we can assist you with financial obstacles to meet your requirements. From complete turnkey solutions, to any combination of design, build and furnish services, see your workplace become an incredibly effective space that boosts performance, showcases your company brand and enhances workplace morale.

No charge, No obligation

Pre-Lease Building Evalutation
Sign your lease with confidence. Evaluating property with an understanding of the industry and the ability to envision is not only crucial, but the first step in interior turnkey projects. We apply our knowledge of office buildings and our experience in office fit-outs to find you your perfect space at the spend you are comfortable with. We explore options, considering existing building conditions, finishes, amenities and spacial potential, providing you with a comprehensive feasibility report graded across several buildings with a space plan and budget that suits your business now and in the future.

No charge, No obligation

Pre-Lease Plan and Budget
When working with Kontract, we provide you with a detailed space plan and program based on your budget. No overspend, no surprises, your budget is paramount to our team. Listening closely to your constraints and mandates, your concerns and your expectations, we are able to interpret your requirements and present the project to you in an easy to understand format at no cost. With our pre-lease plan and budget service, the process of workplace relocation is exactly what it should be – exciting and pivotal for your business.


Risk free, fixed lump sum pricing
From concept to completion you will experience cost-effective solutions and on-time results conducted under the experienced and accomplished hands of our dedicated project managers. Our office fit-out and construction service takes into account all of the relevant players so you don’t have to, including council permits, essential services and IT infrastructure – not to mention our utmost focus on occupational health and safety regulations. Structured weekly client updates and site meetings for both project trades and clients, ensure minimal complications and collaborative results with continual communication and transparency in delivery.
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Award Winning Office Fitout Company In Melbourne


Risk free, lump sum pricing
Could your office use a makeover? Or maybe you’re in need of additional space for new staff? Not all of our clients want to move location, they’re simply after a workplace transformation, a rejuvenation, a refurbishment. Using your existing space, we apply our tried and tested design principles to transform your current office into a more functional and profitable space for your business. We present all changes to you in all-inclusive documentation and provide you with a no obligation report on how to enhance your work space. We are experienced in working with occupied spaces meaning that our team works around yours during the refurbishment, maintaining the integrity and flow of your business whilst adhering to health and safety procedures and getting the job done. Project size is not a problem– even minor projects deserve major attention.
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Award Winning Office Fitout Company In Melbourne


With access to a 1000m2 showroom, state-of-the-art varieties and guided product selection, furnishing your office is effortless. Designed and built with quality and contemplation, our wide range has your furniture requirements covered regardless of office decor, business size and space objectives. With the opportunity to view and test every product, there’s no risk involved, while quick, reliable delivery times ensure your fit-out or refurbishment schedule is uninterrupted. With the expert influence of our design and space planning team, there’s something to suit every business, every team, every space.
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Kontract Finance

In order to provide a better service and overall ease for our clients, we’re able to make arrangements and manage the finance aspect of every job we encounter. Affordable, flexible and realistic options tailored to you make life easy, and your work life even easier. Delve into an office fit-out, refurbishment, design, re-location or building upgrade knowing that whatever the project, Kontract finance will help it set sale. Inquire with us for details, and let Kontract manage your financial requirements.

Base Building Upgrades

Convert your lobbies, corridors, foyers, waiting rooms, lounges and entrance halls into more functional spaces that better serve their purpose. Kontract Interiors’ experience working with occupied spaces means completing Base Building Upgrades with unmatched efficiency, whilst our market knowledge and in-house teams make for seamless projects, placing us a step ahead in the industry. This specialised service takes into account every facet of the job including all base building facilities. Projects are consistent with the expectations and requirements of facility managers and building owners and are safety driven at all times, placing emphasis on infallible OH&S. When building upgrades are complete, you are left with your ideal public image, an identifiable presence and a fresh atmosphere that helps you to remain on par with surrounding buildings.
Award Winning Office Fitout Company In Melbourne

Kontract Fast-Track

Risk free, lump sum pricing

For when it’s all go-go-go! If you’ve been brushing off plans to refurbish, de-fit, re-design or upgrade due to time restrictions, if you’re burdened with a sudden office relocation, or you immediately need a short program fit-out, then Kontract Fast-Trak is the solution– our specialised service tailored to tight schedules.

This unique service delivers a completed project in rapid time while pertaining to your budget, maintaining our reputable high quality, and working with a clear underpinning of workplace health and safety. Occupy your new office space as soon as possible, avoid double rent payments and utilise free rent periods. With our in-house teams, internal furniture supply and ample stock holding facilities, an immediate start and a strong sense of urgency make your project a job under way quicker than you can say,’Kontract Fast-Trak’. Within 24 hours we address the brief, ideas, sketch plan, indicative budget and program schedule. With your go-ahead, conclusive designs are then drawn up, approvals and council permits are finalised and pre-construction and pre-order takes place. Regardless of time, minimal disruption to your business is paramount, an aptitude for time management is our knack and high quality results are absolute.
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